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Get Mooned in Boone!

April 8, 2024 –  for the first time in 819 years
the path of a Total Solar Eclipse travels over Boone County…

as the Moon blocks the Sun – with Close to a 4-Minute Path of Totality.

A total solar eclipse occurs when the moon completely blocks the sun’s bright face – known as the Path of Totality –
day momentarily turns into night. This is the only type of eclipse where viewers can momentarily remove their solar filters (not  regular sunglasses) for the brief period of time during the Path of Totality phase of a solar eclipse which will last close to 4 minutes in the Boone County viewing path. 

It’s a Path of Totality Thing…

“The crowds coming to Indiana to witness this celestial spectacle are sure to match its historic magnitude.” according to Justus O’Neil, PR and social media officer for the Indiana Destination Development Corporation.
“In fact, it’s likely to be the largest single tourist event to ever happen in Indiana.”

As Boone County is enviably located directly in the Path of Totality, we’ll be celebrating this significant natural event via county-wide promotions with all our communities; their organizations, shops & restaurants inviting visitors to…


The Boone CVB will be promoting local Solar Eclipse Events!

With people traveling here from all over the globe to witness this event, the eclipse is more than an event that will gather people in Boone County. This is a chance to show off our communities to an entirely new group of visitors.

Previous total solar eclipses have made an incredible economic impact for the states that experienced a Path of Totality.  Hotels in our area are already filling up, with some already at capacity.

Which is why the Boone County Convention & Visitors Bureau is taking a long-term approach to this once in a lifetime event – with county-wide meetings and marketing plans centered around the April 8th, 2024 total solar eclipse.

What can Boone County do to prepare for this big wave of visitors?

The Boone CVB will be meeting with peers throughout Boone County to strategize on area viewing sites, events the weekend before the Total Eclipse and how best to prepare for this significant event.
We want to show off our Boone County communities as great places to live, work & play!

Why Come to Boone County?

What does Boone County offer the thousands of visitors coming for the Total Eclipse over other places?

Central location with easy access – and our Boone County brand of Hoosier Hospitality
Many lodging & dining options – not as crowded – plenty of wide open viewing areas!
Early targeted marketing by Boone CVB inviting visitors to Get Mooned in Boone!
County-wide Get Mooned in Boone activities leading up to the Total Eclipse!


Plan to be at the Boone County 4H Fairgrounds…

Chosen especially for the night before the Solar Eclipse, the fairgrounds come alive at night with a spectacular laser light show set to the powerful music of Pink Droyd, the Midwest’s premier Pink Floyd tribute band!

Check them out here!
Online tickets will be available!