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Eclipse Grant Form

We will allot $20,000 from our grant funds to the eclipse event. Grantees may apply from 12/1/2023 to 12/31/2023, and the January meeting will decide who will receive the funds. Each grantee may apply for up to $2500 and will only be awarded one grant per organization for the eclipse (if any organization is hosting more than one event for the eclipse, they may apply for only one grant).

Tourists by definition are those guests that will bring new income into the community by traveling from 50+ miles away.

As you answer the following questions, please frame answers around how your event will attract tourists and further our mission.

Mission of Discover Boone County

To promote or create events and/or attractions that drive tourists’ dollars to hospitality businesses (hotels, restaurants, retail and area attractions).

Grant Form

Please review the form questions before starting and answer each question thoroughly.

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Event Information

Organization Information

Is your organization an Indiana Not-for-Profit?*

Organization Contact

Please enter the contact information for the individual we should contact if there are questions about your request.

Grant Terms

I have read the Grant guidelines and agree to the terms therein. I also swear that all information on the application is correct.*
I understand that my organization must submit a final report within 60 days of the completion of any funded event and complete/ return a W-9 form to the Discover Boone County organization each year. Failure to turn in the report or return a W-9 will exclude my organization and event from future funding.*
I agree to the Discover Boone County Media Policy for images of guests at our event to be used for promotions by Discover Boone County.*
Please read Discover Boone County Media Policy before continuning.
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