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Tourism Grant Promotion Program

The Boone County Convention and Visitors Bureau (BooneCVB) grant program is designed to offer financial assistance to non-profit organizations holding events or developing and improving attractions in Boone County. The BooneCVB is most interested in helping fund those events attracting out-of-county visitors to our area.

The grants are funded as part of the BooneCVB’s regular budget and are derived from a five-percent Innkeepers tax on local hotels, motels, and bed & breakfast locations. New events, which will bring in overnight visitors to stay in the county’s lodging facilities, will be given the most favorable consideration when awarding grant funds.

General Guidelines

  1. The grant program is open to non-profit organizations holding events in Boone County that have a positive impact on Boone County lodging facilities, or to Boone County museums or attractions. Grants must be used in conjunction with local events designed to attract out-of-county visitors to Boone County.
  2. To be considered, the grant request must be typed or printed in black ink on the approvedBooneCVB application form. All parts of the application must be completed. Applications are available to be downloaded at The completed applications must be returned to the BooneCVB in hard copy form.
  3. Ten copies of the grant request must be submitted by 4:00 p.m. on the appropriate deadline by mailing to our BooneCVB office: Boone County Convention & Visitors Bureau, POBox 644, Lebanon, IN 46052. (765) 484-8572
  4. Grants will be awarded annually according to the following deadlines:Applications must be received by the BooneCVB on or before 4:00 p.m. on theFebruary 28, 2018deadline date. Grant monies will be dispersed in April, 2018.
  5. An organization may submit one grant request per event during a calendar year.Organizations sponsoring two or more events during a calendar year must submit individual applications for each event. No revisions may be submitted at subsequent hearings after approval by the BooneCVB Board.
  6. All printed and broadcast materials and advertising copy must acknowledge the BooneCounty Convention & Visitors Bureau as a funding source sponsor. Any project that fails to contain the proper acknowledgment may be denied funding in future years.
  7. Boone County businesses should be used for any work or services unless that particular service is not available or reasonably competitive within Boone County.
  8. The BooneCVB Board makes the final decision to fund a request, deny a request, or fund specific portions of a request.
  9. Any organization receiving funding for the same event over a period of years may have the amount of its funding reduced by the BooneCVB.
  10. Once a request is approved and funding is established, the grant is distributed via a check issued by the BooneCVB for the approved amount according to the schedule set by the Board. Grantees can typically expect a check within 30 days from the grant hearing.

All organizations receiving grant funding must submit a final project report to the BooneCVB, with copies of receipts, invoices and/or canceled checks for the purchase of goods, media and services related to the grant.

Final project reports must be submitted to the Boone CVB within 60 days of the funded event project’s completion.Failure to do so will result in grant funds not being considered for the following grant period or until final report compliance is met. This is at the sole discretion of the BooneCVB.

Grant Funding

Advertising Costs:

Coverage for projects/events includes but is not limited to: sporting events, conferences, conventions, festivals, and non-profit attractions.

Types of funded advertising include radio, television, billboards, web site advertising, direct mail and brochure development(excludes program books and information to be distributed during the event), all designed to increase attendance at an event or attraction.

Any and all questions about the grant applications process and accepted advertising and promotion used for an event/festival should be directed to Jeri Day, Executive Director,Boone County Convention & Visitors Bureau at (765) 484-8572.

  • When funds are awarded, all promotional materials produced must contain a minimum of the following declaration and the BooneCVB logo:”Produced in cooperation with the Boone County Convention & VisitorsBureau.”  A BooneCVB logo is available in any file name or size.
  • The above credit must meet the following minimum size requirements:
    • Printed material acknowledgement must be in at least 9 pt type.
    • Billboard acknowledgement must be in at least 6″ letters.
    • Radio or television ads must run acknowledgement at the end of each advertisement.
  • Items that will not be considered for funding (Costs related to but not limited to):
    • Postage or mailing expenses
    • Entertainment such as fireworks, etc.
    • Production of printed materials, radio, television, billboards, etc.
    • Rental of Equipment such as portable toilets, staging, lighting, etc.
    • Scholarships or awards

All questions about the Boone CVB grant application process should be directed to Jeri Day, Executive Director at (765) 484-8572 or

Grant Application Form